Samira Mazloom's Melek Taus Jewellery

Samira Mazloom Illustrates The Melek Taus Jewellery

Samira Mazloom, the maker of the displayed project Samira Mazloom's Melek Taus Jewellery points out, In a certain ideology,God places the world under the care of seven holy angels. Melek Taus or The Peacock Angel is the greatest and the first to emerge from the Light of God in the form of a rainbow. Collectively these seven angels are the seven colors of the rainbow,Melek Taus being blue. When Melek Taus refused to bow to Adam,he was cast down from heaven. He repented of his sin of pride and wept for 7,000 years,his tears quenching the fires of Hell. Melek Taus was pardoned and reinstated as chief of the angels. Melek Taus is an emanation of God who created the cosmos from the Cosmic EGG..

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